Saturday, December 12, 2009

over the holidays...

Well...I am going to try and give this another go. I attempted several times to post some exciting happenings around the Puckett household. Much to my dismay, I could not get pictures posted or all the ramblings were lost as I tried to post using our internet connection that slightly resembles "dial up". Anywho, for what it is worth, I would really like to be more intentional about keeping an ongoing record of what is going on in our lives.

It is so nice to have a few weeks of freedom. We are not out of school for another week, but Brock took his final exams this week and I finished a couple weeks ago. I suppose with all of these things going on, I finally feel like we have some time to do the things that we enjoy and wanted to make time for during our hectic schedules.

I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays. I find myself to be in a strange place. For the second year in a row I am hearing a different message from the Spirit about the condition of my heart during this time of year. I am overwhelmed with the sense that God desires more from us than our traditional gatherings. My flesh often puts up a struggle while my mind, in a constant compromise with the Truth in my heart, tries to escape any conviction on the matter. I am only to the point that I want whatever we do to be pleasing. So while I am totally looking forward to all that this season holds, I am even more grateful for a call to search out the deeper things that He has called us to.

We will be heading to Montana this year with the fam. Some dear friends of the family will be joining in the fun as well. We are excited about the adventure as we will be driving this time around. We are looking at about a 26-28 hour road trip!! What are we thinking?

Sometimes, Montana scenery just doesn't have a "to what extent will you go?" limit. So it should be loads of fun! Okay, I will try and get some more things up later. We've done a lot to the house both inside and out. I would really like to post that stuff. My brother is home from college and I am so thankful to have him around. Things are forming up here nicely. We are just waiting to see what is in store around the corner.

Until next time...

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

we made it.

well, after much cohersion, i have come to the other side. the side of the blogspot, that is. i will say that the first task that i found extremely difficult was trying to come up with a clever name of sorts. brock and i put our heads together to try and figure out what would reflect us both and not be "too much" of anything that neither of us want to be. anyway, we came up with a thankful heart. many of you know our slight obsession with waterdeep/100 portraits and the enter the worship circle albums. "i will not forget you" is one of our favorite songs because of the truth that is portrayed in it. the chorus goes something like: "a grateful heart i give, a thankful prayer i pray, a wild dance i dance before you, a loud song i sing, a huge bell i ring, a life of praise i live before you..." so, at any rate, we do offer a thankful prayer to God. he has been faithful to us, not only for 26(me) and 32(brock) years individually, but through these first two years of marriage as a couple. and so, we are excited about this blog being an extention of our thankful prayer to Him...we're giddy about sharing our lives with you.